Programmes 2022

MONKLIFE RAINY SEASON 2022July 1 – October 10
MONKLIFE THAILAND # 4September 1 – September 30
MONKLIFE EXECUTIVE THAI #1October 6 – October 27
MONKLIFE THAILAND # 5November 1 – November 30

Ordination and training tailored for an international audience.

Crash course on Buddhism, touching upon profound Dhamma in the span of one + one month.

Have the opportunity to stay for the Buddhist Lent, rainy season between 1 July – 10 Oct 2022.

Extensive Monk Life experience Enjoy the timeless tradition of living as a monk during the holiest period of the year – three-months rain retreat with advanced meditators; guaranteed to deepen your understanding of meditation, and enhance your inner experience. Led by qualified & certified tutors from Kong Roi and experienced teaching monks.

One + One month programme for those with commitments. Training is suitable for those who wish to stay short term – we can cater for 1 or 2 month programme as well.

iMONASTERY is a purpose-built site for MONKLIFE training. Surrounded by nature, it is suited for spiritual development. Seclude yourself in the mountains in search of your true self.


5:30amMorning chanting & meditation
6:30amAlms round
9:30amMorning dhamma talk
2:30pmAfternoon dhamma talk
4.30pmPersonal time for exercise
6.30pmChanting & meditation
9.30pmSleep in peace