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This 30-day ordination programme will equip you with a comprehensive foundation for living the life of a monk and improving your meditation practice. The training will take place at the International Forest Monastery (iMonastery), designed as a true refuge for international men seeking peace and tranquility walking the path of Dhamma. Qualified individuals will also be eligible for a special extended meditation retreat with other international monks for 30 days or more after completing the initial programme.


iMonastery is a purpose-built site for Monk Life training. Surrounded by nature, it is suited to spiritual development.
Seclude yourself within the mountains in search of your true self.

30-Day Experience

Monk Life Thailand training takes you on a journey both inside and out. As the environment significantly impacts a monk, two locations have been specifically chosen for their benefits. These range from the classic temple ground with its elegant architecture and graceful landscapes to the forest monastery filled with the serene sounds of nature. Each place is suited for a specific phase of the training.

Wat Ban Khun is where you begin your training for monkhood. The training includes learning how to prepare the mind through meditation and mindfulness practices. In addition, you learn about the teachings of Buddha and the discipline of a monk’s life – a step towards attaining freedom for the mind. This is the adjustment period – from civilian life to monkhood. 

Programmes 2022

MONKLIFE RAINY SEASON 2022July 1 – October 10
MONKLIFE THAILAND #4September 1 – September 30
MONKLIFE THAILAND #5November 1 – November 30

Programmes 2023

MONKLIFE THAILAND #61 – 30 March30
MONKLIFE Rain Retreat #21 July – 31 October123
MONKLIFE THAILAND #91 – 30 November30
เข้าพรรษา2 August
ออกพรรษา29 October

Basic Principles of Being a Monk

The Teaching of Dhamma & Buddhism
Based on the threefold training in Buddhism, the teachings include training in higher virtue, the higher mind, and higher wisdom. Pursuing this training leads to the abandonment of lust, hatred, and delusion.

Understanding Monk Precepts

During the lifetime of the Lord Buddha, bhikkhu Pätimokkha rules were established in the Sangha community. These are reflected in the Pali Canons, particularly in the ‘Vinaya-pitaka: the Basket of Discipline’.

Monklife Testimonials

Hear what people who have walked the talk have to say to inspire you to walk in the Buddha’s footsteps.

Teaching Monks

Get to know your teaching monks!

Monk Life Experience

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