Monk Life Thailand

The MonkLifeProject is a 30 day ordination program designed to equip practitioners with a comprehensive foundation for their meditative practice and monastic career.

The training will take place in The International Forest Monastery of Chiang Mai. A secluded monastery designed by the monastic community to be a refuge for the cultivation of quality monks and laymen, knowledgeable in the dhamma, and adept in meditation. The Monk Life Project has ordained over 100 men from over 20 countries.

At the culmination of the program, monks are given the option to continue their practice day by day or join the Monk4Life Program at the iMonastery Pak Tong Chai, located three hours and thirty minutes drive from Bangkok. a program intended for the more determined practitioner with a long-term commitment and desire for teacher or mentor training.


Structured training by English speaking monks with over 15 years of experience.

Theoretical, practical and applied training aimed at career meditators or teachers as well as general practitioners.

Buddhist studies certified by the official Chiang Mai Buddhist community and DOU University (24 months program).


iMONASTERY is a purpose-built site for Monk Life training. Surrounded by nature, it is suited to spiritual development.
Seclude yourself within the mountains in search of your true self.


30 Day Ordination Program

As the environment significantly impacts a monk, iMonastery has been built specifically for the development of International Monks. The training includes proper monastic mannerisms, etiquette of communal living, meditation and mindfulness training, and plentiful discourses on the Buddha Dhamma.

24 Month Program

The program includes an accreditation for mindfulness and meditation instructor after 2 years. Theoretical (Dhamma tutoring), practical (meditation sessions) and applied (teaching experience).

MONK LIFE (JAPANESE) 1February 1 - February 29, 2024
MONK LIFE THAILAND 111 March – 30 March 2024
THAI NEW YEAR ORDINATION7 April - 27 April 2024
MONK LIFE THAILAND 121 May – 30 May 2024
MONK LIFE THAILAND 13 1 July – 30 July 2024
MONK LIFE RAIN RETREAT 3 1 July – 31 October 2024
MONK LIFE THAILAND 141 September – 30 September 2024
MONK LIFE THAILAND 151 November – 30 November 2024
MONK LIFE THAILAND 161 March - 30 March 2025



Ordained men



Fundamentals of Monkhood

The Teaching of Dhamma & Buddhism

The threefold practice of Buddhism includes training in higher virtue, the higher mind, and higher wisdom. Completion of this training leads to the abandonment of lust, hatred, and delusion.

Understanding Monk Precepts

During the lifetime of the Lord Buddha, many rules were established within the Sangha. These are reflected in the Pali Canons, particularly in the ‘Vinaya-pitaka: the Basket of Discipline’.


Theravada Buddhism

At iMonastery, we adhere to the Theravada Buddhism tradition, known as ‘The Way of The Elders.’ This doctrine has remained largely unchanged since the original teachings of the Buddha, embodying the essence of his wisdom with minimal alterations over time.

Sati & Sabai Meditation

This technique focuses on relaxation of both body and mind, directing attention to the center of the body. Balancing relaxation and concentration enables the mind to access deeper levels of stillness and insight.



Luang Pi Narongchai

Luang Pi John

Luang Pi Punchai

Luang Pi Srijug

Monklife Testimonials

Sakda Sarnrak
Sakda Sarnrak
30 April 2024
To be ordained at the age of 64 can be burden and troublesome to monks and people around me and that worried me for months before I proceed with Imonastery application form for batch no. 11 commencing March 2024. Being disrobed on March 29, I had no single moment of disappointment but rather confirmed that I have wisely spent time here and it is one of the best things I have been doing in my life. A well organized curriculum was designed and revised so that new monks can experience a bit of all essential components of being good monks . It keeps me busy throughout the day from 4.30 am to 8.30 pm so that I can gain knowledge of Dhamma, Precepts, right and efficient way to quality meditation with no need to worry about food, laundry, lodging and other facilities. Alms round in different villages and 7.5 kms pilgrimage are also good experience and unforgettable. Respectfully bow to abbot , Pra-ajarn Narongchai for his effortless and entertaining teaching on Dhamma which for me used to be hard to understand but now clearly and so enjoyably to listen to. Bows and thanks to Teaching monk teams to train me for observing precepts, Vinaya rules , correct meditation methods and now I continue as part of my daily activity. All mentor monks who are so considerate, tirelessly and responsively helpful to all new monks and special thanks to all staffs at Imonastery International. I believe my mind is more calm and pure than before as I feel happier with less suffering. I would recommend those who wish to pursue monk life especially for the first time to attend. I will definitely join this program again if time allows. Sati and Sabai are always in my mind.
Kiran Jadhav
Kiran Jadhav
30 April 2024
i Monastry is the best monastry for becoming a buddhist Monk. Following is my experience narrated to explain what routine is involved here. Imonastery/Monkfarlife is an ashram operating in Chiang Rai province that runs a minimum one-month training program for foreigners to become monks. I participated in their program and earned some merit as a monk. Before admitting me to the program, they interviewed me via video call for about half an hour to ascertain my mental and physical readiness for this tough life. Gave me a rough idea of the course and daily routine, facilities etc. 17500 Thai Baht which is approximately Rs 35,000 is charged for this program. In this one month we have to use only the clothes given by them. 8x8 feet tent, sleeping bag, blanket and fan are provided for accommodation. Every morning at 4.30 am the bell is rung to wake up all the monks. At 5.00 a.m. the monks worship Buddha in the meditation hall, chanting Pali verses saluting the Buddha, the Dhamma, and the Sangha. After that there is 1 hour meditation. After this, every bhikkhu cleans the ashram manually. I also learned to clean toilet here. I got into the habit of doing cleaning as a meditation, completely absorbed in it while doing it. There are four sessions of two hours each in a day. One hour of meditation and one hour of Dhamma knowledge/meditation techniques are taught. After we get used to this routine for a week, then on the eighth day, the program of hair shaving takes place. It is a sacred ceremony. Hair from the top of your head and eyebrows is removed as a Pali mantra are chanted to signify that you renounce your family ties, your attachments to other worldly things, embrace virakti as hair are shaven from your body. The next day is your initiation into the Buddhist community, in a similar grand ceremony at the nearby Lord Buddha temple, followed by mantra recitations by many invited and present senior monks, and you are given initiation by the chief Upadhyay. This ceremony is considered very sacred, participating in such a ceremony also gives merit according to Buddhist belief. After washing our hands and feet, we all joined in blessings today's donors reciting the “ Atanatiya-Paritta-Gatha" in our dinning hall: Sabbaro gavinamutto sabbasantapavajjito sabba varema tikkanno nibbato nye tuvan bhav!sabbitio vivajantu sabbarogo vinasatu ma te bhavantavatrayo sukhidighayukobhava sitamata silisa nishchim vuddhapachayino chataro dhammavadhanti, Ayu, Vanno, happiness, strength! We also chanted mantra, meaning that this food is consumed with the limited intention of getting rid of diseases and hunger. Patisankha Yoniso Pindapatam Patisevamy,Nevadaya, na vibhushanaya, yavadeva imasa kayasa thitiya yapannaya vihin supatiya bramhachariya nugahya, iti purananch vedanampatihankhami, naanch vedanam na upadesamy, yatrachame bhavisati, annavajjatancha pasu viharo chati.
Srijug Chaovanich
Srijug Chaovanich
30 April 2024
"Discover a haven for deepening your understanding of Buddhism and honing your meditation practice at iMonastery. It's not just a place; it's a sanctuary where wisdom thrives and inner peace blossoms. Join us to immerse yourself in the teachings of Buddhism and cultivate a profound connection with meditation. Let's embark on this enriching journey together!"
Pragya Chakma
Pragya Chakma
30 April 2024
One of the best place on earth for who want to develop his own spiritual journey as a noble Buddhist Monk. But have to be practice the following as (a) morality (b) noble silence with mindfulness at all times and (c) totally cut off from the world. I am enjoying my journey toward my own destiny with mindfulness.
Cas Lemmens
Cas Lemmens
27 April 2024
I had an unforgettable- and absolutely amazing experience with a group of 18 people from all over the world in the monk life program. After the ordination month you are free to stay longer so I stayed for another 2 months and have learned so much about meditation, Buddhism and life in general.
G Lee
G Lee
24 April 2024
I've joined the Monk Life Project 8, and was so glad I did. It's a great experience, and has a lot to offer. The program takes place in the beautiful outskirts of Chiang Mai, surrounded by nature. The program is in English so it is foreigner friendly :) I'm not religious by far, but if you keep an open mind, there is just so much to learn about improving ourself. Putting religion aside, we can still learn meditation, benefits of intermediate fasting, letting go of greed and be more generous and ultimately being a better person. I highly recommend anyone that has the slightest interest to try it out. If you get nothing out of the 30 days, you can take it as a 30 day tech detox camp ;)
22 April 2024
It's a very peaceful place. It is very suitable for practicing Dhamma, meditating and studying one's inner state. With nature being an evergreen forest and a stream flowing through. Hearing the sound of flowing water while meditating And there is also a monk teaching how to meditate. Makes it possible to sit continuously and longer It is a very suitable place for practicing Dhamma and coming to be ordained to study the way of life as a monk in an international curriculum. 🌿🌿🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️🌿🌿🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️🌿🌿🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️
Peter T
Peter T
20 April 2024
I has been ordained for 9 times in different places in Thailand. Out of 9 times the last 3 times at I monastery. Till today I monastry still is the best monastry for me to ordained. I Monastry make it so easy for foreigners to ordained. A lot of temple, you need to wear white for 6 months to 1 year before they accept you to ordained as Monk. They want to observe your behaviour before letting you to ordained as a monk. Some of the temple allow you to ordained but after you ordained without any English teaching monk to teached. You basically are alone. I monastry have everything, they have the best facilities which inside the forest, far away from city to let you concentrate on meditation. They have the best teaching monk who can speak better English than me to teached. They have teaching monk specialised in dhamma also teaching monk who is specialised in meditation. They have a group of friendly and professional staff to taking care of everyone. I monastry is the place for everyone who wish to study Buddhism or want to know more about buddhism. Dont trust me, go to experience by yourself....
Richawiwit Wiboonthanyawat
Richawiwit Wiboonthanyawat
20 April 2024
It's a project that has made me change into a person who knows how to really love myself. It can change me into an incredible new person. And I can find happiness within myself Thank you very much for this project.

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