Mark Van Ogtrop

59 years, Director, Beacon Sky Hospitality
The Netherlands

My dearest children, 

I promised that I would share a little bit of my journey of the past month, which was indeed a life-changing experience. I am very grateful to be invited to join this programme. I now realise that I should have done this much earlier in my life, as it was so impactful, but as the saying goes: it’s never too late. Allow me to explain then the two journeys: the physical and materialistic one and the mental/spiritual one.

Anthony Jude Tan

58 years, Chief Advisor, iRetreat and founder & managing director at AJT Wellity Asia

Before my 9 years as an entrepreneur, I was the CEO of Thailand’s Top Hospital for Preventive Medical Wellness and numerous other senior positions in the Hospitality & Healthcare industries respectively. My life thus far has been a rollercoaster ride, having gone through 3 broken marriages, with the latest divorce 10 years ago leaving a deep scar on my children. Those were years when I prioritized work and social life, always leaving my family at the bottom of my list.

Christopher Smith Burananont

40 years, Founder & Owner of Gym Bangarang (Muay Thai Boxing Camp – Chiangmai)
United States of America

It’s been 18 years since we last met on the sands in the Middle East. Some of us never returned home and many of us came home broken and shattered much like me. Most of us don’t like to be reminded of our past and even today we cannot escape our fears. The brothers, widows, and children we left behind are always a constant reminder of why we keep pushing forward, to what end, and to what purpose.

Kevin Todd Jackson (Saccabalo)

This program has been specifically designed for foreign nationals, that are not able to speak or understand Thai. To that end, the instructors speak English fluently. Which is simply wonderful, so that we can fully understand and have the best learning experience possible. I came to understand more about meditation and the impact that it can have on our daily lives. I would encourage all of those who are considering this, please do so as soon as you can.

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