Chief of International Ordination @ MONK LIFE PROJECT

Ordination Date: 1 April, 2007
Languages: English, Thai
Ph. D. In Peace Studies

A successful engineer in his youth, Laung Pi Narongchai lived and worked in the USA for nearly 10 years. Before ordaining he worked as a Project Counsellor for the Office of Science and Technology in the Thai Embassy in Brussels. For over a decade, he has been the Chief of the International Ordination and Training Program. His vision is to “Make the world a better place through the attainment of inner peace of individuals”.

Teaching Monk

Ordination Date: 30 March, 2008
Languages: English, Thai
Ph. D. In Telematics

Once a pianist, photographer, and computer programmer, LP John, was ordained as a Buddhist Monk in 2008 after finishing his studies. With his tech background, Monk John has pioneered the biggest free online self-development and meditation platform that has attracted users worldwide.

He travels the world giving insights into mindfulness, meditation, and Buddhist philosophy helping individuals enrich their lives and find balance. Monk John also works with NGOs, government agencies, universities, and corporations such as Google, Orange, Zoom, Ogilvy, and Teamwork in 70 countries.

Teaching Monk

Ordination Date:
Languages: English, Thai
Bachelor in Psychology

Born in The United States, Monk Punchai spent more than 20 years growing up in America. He started his meditative practice at the early age of 6. Monk Punchai has been intensively training and developing his meditation in his monastery’s special meditation team for the past years.

He has taught on numerous platforms to thousands from all around the world. He has taught people of all different backgrounds, including CEOs, government officials, professors, trainers, and others. Through years of training and teaching, he sees that meditation is a universal gift that can lead all to discover their true universal happiness.

Mentor Monk

Ordination Date: 20 July, 2014
Languages: English, Thai
GED, Bachelors in Accounting

From Sacramento, California, Monk Tim travelled to Thailand in 2014 looking for meditation training and ordained as a Theravada Buddhist monk.

Ever since, immersed in a monk’s life of mindfulness and meditation, he shares his knowledge with individuals and groups from across the world. He enjoys the art of drawing and journaling, using it as a tool to support the pursuit of inner peace.

Teaching Monk

Date of Ordination : 27 September, 2015
Language : Thai, English
Bachelor of Business Management

Luang Pi Sun, a former QC manager of international logistics company, has a bachelor’s in business management from National University of Laos. He has completed a special training in marketing, leadership and logistics management from Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia. Monk Sun ordained as a Buddhist Monk in 2015 and he believes that true peace and real happiness are inside of us. There is no need to search anywhere else. Just give yourself a chance to discover your true self within.

Supervisor foreign monks and teaching monk

Ordination Date:
Languages: English, Thai
Bachelor Degree in Recording Arts

Luang Pi Srijug was born in the Southern part of Thailand and went to an international high school in Malaysia. He was passionate about success, so he joined his brother’s design company (Cerebrum Design Ltd) in sales and marketing and started his own network marketing company.

While pursuing his dream, he continued to practice meditation and has had several (9) short-term ordinations since 2003. In 2018 after his 10th ordination, he decided to stay and

Teaching Monk

Ordination Date: 22 July, 2018
Language: Thai, English
Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering

Monk Worawut ordained for his third time 5 years ago. Previously, he had ordained for a short period of time twice. Before becoming a monk this time, he had taught in a university for over 25 years. While still a layman, he had been interested in Buddhism, and was active in practicing, and promoting Buddhism.

When he had the opportunity to ordain this time, he planned to stay day by day to practice meditation, learn more of Buddhism, and help keeping and spreading the teaching of Lord Buddha. Monk Worawut currently stays at “iMONASTERY” in Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai, Thailand. He helps teaching and mentoring individuals from around the world who come to train and ordain as a Buddhist monk, in the program called Monk Life Project.

Teaching Monk

Ordination Date:
Languages: English, Thai

Born and raised by a Christian mother from the Philippines, I am the father of two beautiful children, the oldest of whom is currently a sixth-year monk. I earned a degree in food technology from the Philippines while studying there, making English my second language, which led me to work for international corporations like Cargill, Tyson, Heineken, Nestle, and Kellogg.

I chose to become an ordained monk on March 7, 2022, after being released from my lay life obligations. My time at the monastery taught me the value of studying the Dhamma, practicing meditation, and leading a modest, forest-dwelling monastic life. This experience has allowed me to remain in the monastery to this day, serving as a mentor monk for all newcomers. The primary objective is to accrue merit and spread happiness to all participants, just as I did in the past.

iMONASTERY Team Member

Ordination: March 7, 2022
Languages: English, Thai
Master’s degree Film & Digital

Luang Pi Bank, age 41 years graduated with a master’s degree Film-Video Department.
Before he became a monk.
He was a professional dancer representing in Thailand. And a dance coach successful in this career the William B Studio dance institute. For more than 20 years, has competed in dance competitions in many countries. And also the founder of Bangkok International Dance Club(BIDC) in Thailand.

In the year 2022, He received advice on the Monk Life Project ordination project from Khun Phonrsan Kamlang-Ek (Phornprapha) and Phra Praputt Putthiphalo and was ordained as a monk on March 7, 2022 until now. When he has practiced meditation from the master for 1 month. When he has practiced meditation he has discovered the true happiness of life. And when he practice meditation more and more for do meditation practice more developed too. The inner peace that comes from practicing Dhamma makes he realize what true life requires. And the most importantly, he also dedicated his life to spreading Buddhism to foreigners around the world at iMONASTERY Chiang Mai.

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