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Teachings of Theravada Buddhism

Buddhism, founded over some 2500 years in ancient India, is the doctrine of the Buddha. It can be viewed as an educational system aiming to holistically develop the quality of human life through the development of morality, mind and wisdom.

Understanding the Buddha’s teachings and put them into practice properly, one can make progress toward his journey of liberation – the total eradication of greed, hatred and delusion.

Theravada (Southern Buddhism) is a highly conservative form of Buddhism. Its doctrine has undergone very little alterations since the origin. Its canonical scriptures are closed and preserved in Pali language.

This tradition of Buddhism is widely practice in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Burma, Cambodia and Laos. Comparing to other schools of Buddhism, Theravada can be regarded as generally closer in teaching and practice to early Buddhism.

Mahayana (Eastern Buddhism) is more liberal and extremely diverse than Theravada. Its scriptures are still open and preserved in Chinese. Geographically, majority of its followers are founded in China, Tibet, Korea, Japan and Vietnam.

Mahayana followers may choose to stay in the cycle of samsara out of compassion for others while Theravada followers may lean towards self-liberation and break free from the cycle of existence.

Luang Pi Narongchai

Chief of International Ordination @ MONK LIFE PROJECT

He was a young successful engineer in the world of Technology , lived and worked in USA nearly 10 years. His last job before ordaining as a Buddhist monk was a project counsellor for Office of Science and Technology, Royal Thai Embassy in Brussels, Belgium. He was ordained in 2007 and stayed as a monk ever since.

For over a decade, he has been the Chief of International Ordination and Training Program helping a thousand men to transform themselves into someone better. The program provides the unique opportunity for spiritual seekers from around the world to experience the monastic life and deepening their meditation practice.  He holds a Ph.D. in Peace Studies. His vision is to “Make the world a better place through the attainment of inner peace of individuals”.

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Luang Pi John

Theravada Buddhist Teaching Monk

Once a pianist, photographer, and computer programmer, LP John, or Monk John, ordained as a Theravada Buddhist Monk 13 years ago after finishing his PhD in Telematics.

With his tech background, Monk John has pioneered the biggest free online self-development and meditation platform that has attracted users worldwide.

He travels the world giving insights into mindfulness, meditation and Buddhist philosophy helping individuals enrich their lives and find balance. Monk John also works with NGOs, government agencies, universities, and corporates such as Google, Orange, Zoom, Ogilvy and Teamwork in 70 countries.

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Luang Pi Op

Background in Production Engineering, as well as founder of youth development program at one of the leading universities in Thailand, Venerable Thananan Ratanananto then later lead various monastic programs during his 14 years of monkhood.

Leading historic monk ordination programs in Southern Thailand for 3 years, as well as over a decade of meditation experience, Venerable Thananan Ratanananto is trusted to oversee the Dhamma Practices Program that train more than 300 new monks yearly.

Luang Pi Punchai (Bee)

Theravada Buddhist Teaching Monk

Born in The United States, Monk Punchai spent more than 20 years growing up in America. He started his meditative practice at the early age of 6. He has been a Theravada Buddhist Monk in Thailand for the past ten years.
Monk Punchai has been intensively training and developing his meditation in his monastery’s special meditation team for the past nine years. With his developed meditative understanding, Monk Punchai teaches meditation to the masses.

He has taught on numerous platforms to thousands from all around the world. He has taught people of all different backgrounds, including CEOs, government officials, professors, trainers, and others. Through years of training and teaching, he sees that meditation is a universal gift that can lead all to discover their true universal happiness.

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Luang Pi Tim

From Sacramento, California, Monk Tim travelled to Thailand in 2014 looking for meditation training and ordained as a Theravada Buddhist monk.

Ever since, immersed in a monk’s life of mindfulness and meditation, he shares his knowledge with individuals and groups from across the world. He enjoys the art of drawing and journaling, using it as a tool to support the pursuit of inner peace.

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Phra Srijug Chavanapunyo

LP Srijug was born in the Southern part of Thailand and went to an international high school in Malaysia. He graduated with a Bachelor’s majoring in recording arts in Australia. He was passionate about being successful in life so he joined his brother’s design company (Cerebrum design Ltd) in sales and marketing and started his own network marketing company, while pursuing his dream, he had the opportunity to practice meditation and give himself a reward by becoming a short-term monk every year for many years since 2003. In 2018 during his 10th time of monkhood he started to realize and understand the true meaning of happiness by practicing meditation, and slowly letting go of all his attachments and extended his monkhood day by day up until now.

During his monkhood, he had joined an intensive 2 year meditation program, sharing his wisdom with many people in different countries.

LP Srijug has now joined the Monklife project as an interviewer, supervising foreign monks and assisting in teaching.