Getting a Thailand Pass

Before applying, it would be wise to do your research to determine whether or not you are willing and able to cover the costs and go through the process associated with traveling to Thailand at the moment. There are a couple of options available to you that involve getting something called a “Thailand Pass.” The entire process for each option can be read in more detail on this page.

Please note that as of mid Decemberthe “Test & Go” option has been suspended, meaning that, at minimum, travelers from outside of the country will be required to undergo at least a 7 day quarantine upon arrival in Thailand. The only two options that will be available for now will be the Blue Sandbox Program and the Alternative Quarantine. Please review the details from the link above for more information.

Please understand that due to the uncertainty of the COVID situation, this info could change quite rapidly. Please continue to check the links that we have provided on this page frequently for news and updates. This is where we get all of our info, so please educate yourself via these sources of info so that our team can avoid spending unnecessary time explaining information that can be found with a little bit of personal research. Thank you for your effort and cooperation.

Step By Step Video of How to Get the Thailand Pass

Article Explaining How To Avoid Technical Problems

There have been some reports of technical difficulties with applying for this pass online. If you experience this, then please reference this article

Contact Your Local Thai Embassy/Consulate

Although this is a good place to start your research please be aware that due to the uncertainty of the COVID situation, policies and requirements are changing with relative frequency.

In order to get the most updated information specific to your case, you should reach out to your local Thai embassy or consulate. Here is a site that will help you find which embassy/consulate is the appropriate one for where you live and how to contact them.

It is best to reach out to them directly by email or call. Sometimes they will not be responsive via email, and perhaps calling is best or vice versa.

Links for Further Research

Please do not reach out to us for specific questions pertaining to the embassy in your country. We do not have this information and it is necessary for you to do your own research. All of the best resources that we have access to are linked on this page, so please take the time to educate yourself.

Here are some helpful online groups that you can visit for updated news about developments for the visa/quarantine/travel process.


r/ThailandTourism – Reddit Community Dedicated to Info About Traveling to Thailand

Here is a post from this online community that will be helpful for you to know how to make sure to get your Thailand pass on time check the link here

Advice and News – Getting to Thailand During COVID Times

Visa Advice – Thailand Visa Advice and Everything Else (Private Facebook Group)

Thank you in advance for taking the time to browse these resources for updated information and doing your own research to get your questions answered. We hope your visa/travel process goes smoothly and we look forward to seeing you here in Thailand soon 🙂

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