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The MonkLifeProject is a 30 day ordination program designed to equip practitioners with a comprehensive foundation for their meditative practice and monastic career.

The training will take place in The International Forest Monastery of Chiang Mai. A secluded monastery designed by the monastic community to be a refuge for the cultivation of quality monks and laymen, knowledgeable in the dhamma, and adept in meditation. The Monk Life Project has ordained over 100 men from over 20 countries

At the culmination of the program, monks are given the option to continue their practice day by day or join the Monk4Life Program at the iMonastery Pak Tong Chai, a program intended for the more determined practitioner with a long-term commitment and desire for teacher or mentor training.


iMonastery is a purpose-built site for Monk Life training. Surrounded by nature, it is suited to spiritual development.
Seclude yourself within the mountains in search of your true self.

As the environment significantly impacts a monk, iMonastery has been built specifically for the development of International Monks. The training includes proper monastic mannerisms, etiquette of communal living, meditation and mindfulness training, and plentiful discourses on the Buddha Dhamma.

The program includes an accreditation for mindfulness and meditation instructor after 2 years. Theoretical (Dhamma tutoring) practical (Actual meditation) and applied (actual teaching) experience.

The Teaching of Dhamma & Buddhism

The threefold practice of Buddhism includes training in higher virtue, the higher mind, and higher wisdom. Completion of this training leads to the abandonment of lust, hatred, and delusion.

Understanding Monk Precepts

During the lifetime of the Lord Buddha, many rules were established within the Sangha. These are reflected in the Pali Canons, particularly in the ‘Vinaya-pitaka: the Basket of Discipline’.

Theravada Buddhism

iMonastery follows the Theravada Buddhism tradition, which translates to “The Way of The Elders”. Its doctrine has undergone very little alterations since the Buhhast original teachings. Sati & Sabai

Sati & Sabai Meditation

Meditation: This technique emphasize on relaxing the body and mind, while leading the attention to the center of the body. Keeping the balance in relaxation and concentration will allow the mind to get into deeper levels of stillness and insight.

Luang Pi Narongchai
Luang Pi John
Luang Pi Bee
Phra Srijug Chavanapunyo

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